William H. and Mattie Wattis Harris created the Foundation in 1960. Their daughter Ruth Harris Hite and her husband William N. Hite created the William N. and Ruth Harris Hite Foundation which merged into the Harris Foundation. Ruth Harris Hite was also a major contributor to the Foundation’s assets. The Foundation is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is governed by a board of trustees

Areas of Support
The William H. and Mattie Wattis Harris Foundation funds organizations that qualify for 501(c)(3) status in five areas:

1. Animal Welfare: sanctuaries, no-kill animal shelters, rescue, adoption and population control.

2. The Arts: children’s theater, documentaries, videos, and Community outreach.

3. Conservation: animal field research, protection of natural resources including conservation education       programs, documentaries, videos, and community outreach.

4. Educational Camps: environmental, health and special needs camps.

5. Preventative Health: animals for the physically challenged, children’s health, global populations, women’s health.

The Harris Foundation does fund operating budgets. See some examples of our grantee organizations through this link, or see what our grant giving criteria are.

Areas of Non-Support

  • Building funds or capital improvements
  • Construction projects
  • Humane societies
  • Individual scholarships and student loans
  • Legal defense funds
  • Lobbying organizations
  • Medical research
  • Organizations and projects which are funded 50% or more by taxation income
  • Private Foundations
  • Private schools
  • Religious organizations
  • Road improvements
  • Zoos